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Tunisian Entrepreneurship & Spin-off Association

Since 2006


founded November 17, 2006 according to the act of creation published in the Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic No. 96 page 513.

Alyssa Incubator

Valorizing/supporting women who undertake a business venture.
Helping women flourish, connect with one another and create their own networks.
Create a space for exchange and encounters between Women Entrepreneurs and the public, consumers and professionals

National Mentoring Network

A Network of Businessmen, Managers, experienced professionals and volunteers collaborating to provide young entrepreneurs with the necessary help, creating for them multiple chances to succeed and develop.

Int. Technopreneur Club

International Technopreneurs Club is a professional club dedicated to Technopreneurs, project leaders and innovation stakeholders.
ITC gathers experts in ICT, entrepreneurship and international relations.
We are working on enhancing technology initiatives and consolidating connections between global Technopreneurs.

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Who are our Partners?

The success of partnerships and alliances depends on the principle that the work involved in maintaining a partnership, and the benefits generated from the alliance are equally distributed , rather than one partner carrying the load whilst the other reaps the benefits.

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